We are a Graston certified establishment and actively use our instruments to achieve results
you can't normally attain at a typical chiropractic office.

​     * To learn more about the details of Graston and how it works, visit:


TyTron C3000

 A type of elastic cotton tape used to decrease swelling, relieve pain from a variety of physical conditions. This is also used in some cases to retrain muscles and improve range of motion in joints.

We offer you a wide variety of chiropractic techniques to best fit any patients needs and preferences.

Are offered in the office and strongly recommended to patients.  Instructions, typically are given in 2-3 visits.

Cold Laser Therapy


​​Adjusting Techniques

Graston Technique

​​Palmer Package with a primary focus on Gonstead-Diversified.

​     * Visits and adjusting technique will be catered specifically to each patient's needs and preferences. 

​​     * Depending on cases and conditions other techniques such as Thompson, Toggle, Activator, and Flexion-Distraction may be used.

Adjusting Techniques Palmer Package with a primary focus on Gonstead-Diversified.

​     * Ultrasound and Electric muscle stim are typically utilized in most offices as well as our office.

This is a digital scanner which allows patients to visualize on a computer screen "temperature transition" areas, where we will find segments out of place.  Read more at:​ Ty Tron

Nutritional and wellness counseling is offered.  We're more than happy to work with someone and help guide them as they take a more active role in improving their health.  In addition we recommend the use of nutritional supplements to account for all of your necessary daily nutrients as well as additional supplementation that you may need on an individual basis.Type your paragraph here.



Is offered on site via: ​Therapy Kneads

  or Jessica Strand L.M.T.


 Effective for increasing healing, and recovery time of injuries. Research shows that it is also useful in treatment of pain from arthritis, tendinitis, and many other chronic conditions and  joint disorders